For Business

Hyper-local Social Media Promotion

Flaggpole manages over 33,000 local community social media accounts that keep local residents informed on the latest news, event, and emergency information. Local businesses have an opportunity to promote to the local communities in the nearby vicinity.

Monthly exclusive partnerships opportunities start at just $250/month. To find out if your region is available, please click on the Social Media Promotion Inquiry.

Nonprofit Sponsorship

Flaggpole matches great nonprofit organizations and great businesses together to produce an incredible win-win relationship. Businesses become active sponsors because it’s the right thing to do, they want to be socially conscious, and/or be active in their community, but traditionally it produces a minimal ROI for the sponsor. Flaggpole has changed that by recognizing sponsors through the custom communication app with a direct and trackable call-to-action. By partnering through Flaggpole, sponsors achieve a meaningful relationship, great PR, great community support, and an ROI similar to their typical advertising campaigns. To find out more, click on the Nonprofit Sponsorship Inquiry.