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How does Flaggpole work?

Flaggpole helps schools, nonprofits, and sponsors achieve a greater impact through custom social media platforms that keep their audience more informed, more excited and more engaged.


Everyday, we partner with nonprofits across the country that want to take their cause, fundraising, and engagement to the next level. We provide a new mobile platform that achieves this with real-time messaging, custom resource links, and trackable call-to-actions. LEARN MORE


We help sponsors localize their brand, generate positive PR, and realize an ROI comparable to traditional advertising campaigns. They get to do something great for a cause and get lots of new loyal patrons in return.



We partner with private schools, public schools, and even daycare facilities to help foster a better learning environment by enabling students and parents to be more informed about daily events and emergency situations. LEARN MORE

From a media perspective, this is fantastic! Flaggpole's custom apps are helping nonprofits build deeper relationships with their volunteers, donors and event participants, which greatly impacts their effectiveness at fundraising, advocacy, and their overall mission.
CBO, GeekWire

This is a game changer for the franchise industry. Now, franchise organizations can get an ROI for their sponsorship dollars that produce a return equivalent to traditional advertising campaigns, with the added bonus of positive PR and knowing they are helping out great causes across the country.

Jerry Darnell, The Godfather of Franchising

Inform your world without breaking a sweat.

Real-time messages to your community from your phone.

Login to a simple interface to manage all of your community, content, messages, users, permissions, and reports.

Why do Nonprofits host their message with Flaggpole?
Why do Brands sponsor the conversation?

Its all about features and results.


    Participants and donors are engaged directly as a targeted community


    Sponsors get recognized as true partners alongside a cause and have a clear call-to-action that creates a positive ROI.


    Sponsor business locations get matched with local event participants and volunteers that creates a true hometown relationship.


    Leverage real-time push messaging to drive instant results surrounding advocacy, fundraising and events.


    Unique to your brand with logos, photos, calendars, links and more.


    Get immediate feedback that helps improve event experience and keep participants safe.

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